Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

 'Parents are particularly appreciated of how their children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) are supported, and also of the positive approach to inclusion that sits at the heart of the school's vision and ethos'  Ofsted, March 2022

At Georgian Gardens Community Primary School, we are committed to the equal inclusion of all pupils and we take into account the additional support required by those children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

We are a school that encourages and celebrates a love of learning – where each pupil is known and cared about as an individual. We have created a community of pupils, parents and teachers, committed to striving towards and achieving success.   

We have worked hard to develop a curriculum that responds to children’s individual needs and interests. Through inspiration and enjoyment of learning, we promote independence and a sense of self-belief. In our school, we raise aspiration and expectations, try to remove barriers to learning and work with a number of partnership agencies in order to provide a positive educational experience for all pupils.

A child's success may take many forms and we encourage both creative and core subjects.  We have a range of intervention groups taking place in school.

We also take part in a range of SEND sporting events and compete against other locality schools.

The Government has asked all Local Authorities in the UK to publish, in one place, information about the services and provision they expect to be available in their area for children and young people from 0 to 25 who have Special Educational Needs and/or a Disability (SEND).

This is known as the Local Offer. Further information about the Local Offer can be found on the West Sussex County Council Local Offer.

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"Throughout their work to develop the quality of education that pupils receive, leaders have kept the needs of pupils with SEND and pupils who are disadvantaged at the heart of their thinking. The special educational needs coordinator works very effectively with staff to identify when a pupil has SEND and to ensure that pupils get the right support within school, and from external experts where appropriate."  Ofsted, March 2022


"Senior leaders have introduced a new curriculum for each foundation subject, with the clear ambition to ensure that all pupils, especially pupils who are disadvantaged or who have SEND, have the knowledge, skills and experiences they need to succeed in life." Ofsted, March 2022


"Parents recognise the dedication of the headteacher, and the staff, to the welfare and education of every pupil. They feel that their children are known, nurtured, respected and valued. Parents are particularly appreciative of how their children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) are supported, and also of the positive approach to inclusion that sits at the heart of the school’s vision and ethos." Ofsted, March 2022