Online Safety Concerns Reporting Form

Before making a report, please do check out our online safety advice page as there are lots of useful links and tips to help you support the online safety of your children, such as the NSPCC's website here...

At School we specifically encourage all pupils using social media to:

  • Be nice;

  • Only post positive comments and not respond to negative comments;

  • Block and report bullying or abusive communication;

  • Avoid sharing or commenting on anything they see online if it upsets them, even if they want to say they disagree;

  • Talk to a trusted adult if there is anything that they are unsure about, upsets them or that they feel worried about.

If you feel there is something that is a persistent issue, which you have not been able to help your child resolve, then please let us know so that we can try to help. 

Additionally, if you have any wider concerns about new negative online trends and inappropriate content that children may be accessing, you can report it here to help inform our online & safeguarding education at school.

Please note that if images of an inappropriate nature are involved, this should be reported straight to the police.