Education for Safeguarding (E4S)

We believe that by enabling our children and young people to develop their own skills, knowledge and understanding of how to be who they are, understand the world they are growing up in and how to keep themselves safe in all areas of their world, we believe that we are giving each and every one of them the best chance for their lives ahead.
WSCC Education for Safeguarding is a whole school approach designed for all schools in West Sussex to develop the RSHE curriculum as their Safeguarding curriculum. It is a whole school approach to the universal curriculum that places the needs of every school as its core.

E4S at Georgian Gardens

 Education 4 Safeguarding (E4S) is organised into four areas:  Relationships and Sex Education (RSE), Digital and Media Literacy (DML), Physical Health and Wellbeing (PHWB) and Emotional Health and Wellbeing (EHWB). 

Within each of these areas, we cover several topics which we build on as the children move through the school.  This document will give you an overview of how the curriculum progresses through the school and the areas each year group cover.  Our E4S curriculum meets all the statutory requirements set out by the government; however, it has been designed to be bespoke to our school and the needs of our school community.  If you would like further detail or to discuss anything within the curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact us.